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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "The Gay Archivist, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay Adult*****No persons under 18 allowed in this swimming hole. Please do not swim
here, there is no lifeguard. If you are over 18 and have swimmies,
welcome.My name if John Smith (no kidding) and I am a bleach 134 doctoral student at a large
Eastern University. I'll not mention the name to protect their reputation.I'm twenty-two, way ahead for my age. Most of my fellow candidates are
three or more years older. My dissertation was required to be submitted
within the first six months ben10 sex picture of the course beginning.One of the problems for dissertations is to find a subject that has not
been done to death before. I had a rough idea what mine would be. I am
somewhat gay, you know gay light. Therefore I come to this theme
legitimately. I planned to write about homosexual practices. Wow! Yeah.
I even know how 3m reflector strips
to find the material for the written portion.Within the National Archives there is a restricted, limited access
collection of homosexual literature, devices, films, statues etc. The
curator, for thirty years or more, was Robert Castleberry, actually
Dr. 24 month cowgirl costume Castleberry. He was the ultimate authority on everything gay.My advisor Dr, Knowlton knew Castleberry and wrote a letter of introduction
for me. I think this prof was a little sweet on me. I must say that I
stood out somewhat from the bunch of plain lads with my bright red hair and
athletic build. Beginning last year I grew a bushy red goatee that seemed
to attract Knowlton's eye when we would meet. I think he was imagining my
pubes were the same color---they were.My letter to Dr. Castleberry was answered. He was very specific that he
did not want any drooling college kid tramping through his material for
kicks. I wrote back emphasizing my seriousness and I received a telephone
call from him. I was surprised that his voice was so young. After all,
thirty years on the job would have made him about sixty, but when we met in
person, and he explained that he was Robert Castleberry, jr, all became
clear."My dad trained me for this job. There was no one to take over when he
died. The trustees could see that, consequently it was offered to me. Are
you a pervert?"Whew! "I mp4 porn clips free hope not," I told him, but I marveled at the way he didn't waste
time. Robert was a very handsome man, a little nerdy, but sexy with his
rangy body and good facial features. I know this sounds nuts, but I was
drawn to his curly lips with the puffy center and nude girls 10 y.o. wondered what it would be
like to kiss him."What research are you planning?"I handed him an outline of what I hoped to cover in the written portion.
He put it down impatiently. "Tell me in your own words.""Well I want to cover various forms of sexual gratification used by
homosexual men. I'll need books to brass 63
cite, devices to photograph and perhaps
interviews with some practitioners of various exotica.""I warm you that one man's sexual specialty may be another man's
main-stream practice. It's in the ukrainian 16 pussy eye of the beholder." He put both hands
on his desk. I admired the long fingers and the glossy black hair that
grew on his wrists. I wondered if the good doctor was a queer. "Let's
start tomorrow. I'll have some suggestions of what areas we should cover.
I warn you that this will not be as spectator. You are expected to partake
of the different sexual exercises yourself."Thus, beginning the next day, I started on a journey into a strange world
of obsessions, and sexual pleasure earned in ways I had never dreamed.The next day, I decided to wear more informal clothes. At the first
meeting I had worn gray pants and a university blazer, white shirt and tie.
Today I arrived in cargo shorts, a tee shirt and sandals. As I 14yo girls porn entered
Robert's area and knocked on his bleach ending3 lyrics door, his eyes opened wide. "Quite a
change. You look five years younger than you did yesterday. That may work
into today's plans. First of all, step into my lavatory."At first, I thought he said laboratory and I got a sudden feeling that I
was going to be experimented on. Actually, I grew to realize that I will
be learning about this strange world of sexual tastes and I would change
maybe. This lavatory was huge. There were two sinks in the outer area and
Robert stopped near them. "We are completely private in my wing of the
collection. No one can enter without my electronic permission. This
bathroom here it totally private. Now let's begin your education. Remove
all of your clothes."Oh shit, what had I gotten myself into. 1980s free nude pics Well he was so attractive and
displayed a mixture of kindness and authority, I 15 yers old porn
just complied. As soon as
I was bared he studied me. "Ah, very good, the body shape often tells
one's proclivities. 15 yers old porn
Your body is like a grown up baby. You have 78 trans am y88
full thighs and baby soft skin. Of course, your male organs are fully
mature and rather large." He clapped his dating after 4 months
hands. "First thing we have to
do is shave you cleanly.""What! I never thought I would have to do this. I like my pubic bush
and...""Please be quiet. You may leave if you wish, but if you 17yo pussy movie thumbs stay, your chin
whiskers must go, your underarm hair and pubic hair. Luckily that is all I
will have to remove, unless you have hair in your ass crack, turn around,
let's see."I automatically turned around. What was happening to me? He must have
tapped into a part of me I never knew. "Bend over. Spread your ass
cheeks. Ah yes, a little fine reddish hair, but your ass hole is perfectly
hairless. We'll take care of everything."For the next half hour I turned and bent and obeyed everything this
forceful young intellectual guy ordered. Off went my precious beard and my
underarms were smooth. I bent over like a rectal exam and my ass hair was
whisked off with the doctor's soapy, sharp razor. I looked in the full
length mirror. It was a revelation. I seemed to resemble myself as I
looked at twelve years of age. He must have read my mind. "Yes, the
shaving helps with your age regression. Now I am going to open my morning
mail, you, meanwhile will put on this diaper and join me in my study.He left. I wrestled with the large, soft, cotton pique square and finally
got it on by forming a triangle. I pinned the side with a large safety pin
and again looked in the mirror. This piece of cloth was 82-92 twin turbo having an effect
on me. My face was softer, my expression more innocent. I took a deep
breath and padded on bare feet and stood in the doorway of the study.
Robert looked up. "Very cabernet lingerie style 4226 nice child. You look clean, but I bet you are
hungry.""Yes," I said b12 for canker sores in a baby voice, a voice I had never used before, but it
seemed right."Come over to 18 fucked hard samples
the couch baby and get your bottle. It warm and just the
right temperature."He guided me onto his lap and I stretched my legs out mature amateur women 20-45 along the couch.
Suddenly I was yearning for milk. My lips puffed out and I made sucking
noises. ben10 sex picture
Robert laughed with delight. "Oh baby, you want it don't you,
here it comes."I sucked greedily on the bottle. Slowly the delicious milk came through
and in about fifteen minutes it was empty. Robert kept me snuggled against
his chest and I felt warm and happy. He looked down at me and stroked my
face. "I think my baby is getting sleepy." That remark was all it took. I hurdled into a profound sleep, warmly
cradled in his arms. After about an hour my eyes snapped open. Something
was wrong. Oh my, what an embarrassment, I had pissed myself and the
diaper was sodden. I looked up at Robert. He was frowning at me. You are
a very bad boy for wetting yourself.He lifted me to my feet and removed the sodden diaper, and threw it into
the waste basket. He dried me and applied sweet smelling lotion. I cooed
over the attention."Don't get too happy. Get over my knee and take your whipping."I stared at him. He couldn't mean that. But my natural tendency to obey
him came to the fore. He stood and removed his trousers. It was a thrill
to see his hairy shanks and his long hairy cock and balls. I immediately
became very erected. He patted his bare upper legs and ordered me to lie
over them. I complied. My ass cheeks were clenched in fear of being
slapped. I didn't have to wait too long. The first resounding slap echoed
in lollitas 12yo
the room, then another. Blows succeeded each other faster and harder.
I siemens adsl sl2-141 could feel my ass cheeks were hot and flaming. Tear began to flow
heavily from my eyes and I was blubbering with pain and humiliation. But
there was another sensation, one of intensity, almost like a continuous
orgasm. I knew if his punishment continued, I would brim over and shoot
sperm all over his legs.He must have known. He spread his legs and allowed my cock to be between
them, in clear air. I grunted like a pig and shot heavy streams between
his legs. He had stopped the whipping and was stroking my ass 13yo tits pics gently.
Finally my orgasm ended."Good boy. You must have really enjoyed that. You may dress and let
yourself out. Return tomorrow at the same time and we will continue your
exploration of fettish."End part one.I think that John had been waiting all his life for these
Kind of activities. He seems exceptionally receptive.
It will be interesting to see how he progresses into
Sexual darkness.
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